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For their future and ours. Give the planet a break this Christmas, don't break our planet.

Ever wondered what will happen to yet another plastic toy brought in to your household this Christmas? I didn't really until a few years ago when my children were all grown up and I started the big clear up.

My first thought was that I would take them to a local charity shop to pass on. Good thought? No!

On closer inspection in a few short years the plastic had become brittle and discoloured. Many of them were broken and of the non broken ones they were brittle and cracked with sharp edges. There was no choice. I had to bag them and bin them. 6 large plastic bin liners filled with plastic redundant and broken toys.

As I took them to the tip I felt an enormous sense of shame. This was one family and 2 girls and a tonne of pink plastic. We are going back a few years ago but I really should have thought it through. It was only when I bagged it and binned it that it dawned on me that these bags of pink plastic will be sat around in landfill  for over 1000 years!

Nowadays we are all so aware of our carbon footprint and my attitude has changed enormously. I think carefully about every little thing that I buy and if I can't recycle it, pass it on or reuse it in the future it will not be bought.

So this year I have joined the #justonetoy campaign. If everybody just swapped one plastic toy purchase for a wooden toy imagine the difference that will make. I often hear people say "what difference will it make" "The problem is too big"

You're right the problem is BIG. But if we all made even just one small change, together we will make a BIG difference. Please think carefully this Christmas about the future of that Christmas plastic toy.

Choose plastic and eventually you will be that person depositing bags of broken plastic toys to the tip destined to sit in landfill for over 1000 years.

Choose wooden and you will be that person packing up those beautiful wooden toys to pass on to the next generation.

I know who I will be.


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