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You know when a thought just pops into your head? Well this was me in 2016! Finding myself at a career crossroads and not knowing which way to turn was the exact moment when I decided to combine my 2 passions -pre school education and helping others. Working on behalf of children and helping parents with advice and knowledge was the perfect combination. So I set about finding myself a wee shop and started to source products that stood for everything that was important to me. They needed to be safe, ethically sourced, sustainable, organic where possible, fair trade where possible and down right lovely! I lOVE colour, so my shop is very colourful and the clothing suppliers I use make beautiful and brightly coloured clothes.

My first shop opened in 2017 and it was in the middle of nowhere! People who found it though came back again and again and I loved being a small part of their lives and watching bumps become babies. In January 2018 I decided that I needed a website. I am the definition of a technophobe! It took me 3 months and finally it was built! I am still a technophobe but am really quite pleased with what I have achieved. It may not be as up to date as some, but it's mine, I made it happen. New words like analytics, tags, adwords have joined my vocabulary - I need to go back to school! We didn't even have a computer at my school. We were all ballet dancers or in my case trying to be, but that's a whole other story!

Fast forward to now and I am on the High Street. I am visible! Bumps have become toddlers and there are more bumps on the way! The website has even more products on it, but I still need to go to Google School! I have joined the world of Podcasts and published my first ever Podcast during lockdown to help mamas to be when all the shops were closed.

None of this could be possible however without the help of my family. As a Mama of 3 and a Granny of 1. I am so lucky to have their support. From help in the shop on busy Saturday's to packing website orders at Christmas, from going to Trade Fairs to choose products, to making new window displays, to putting up the fixtures and fittings in the shop my family are well used to my pleas for help! I honestly couldn't do this without them.

My inspiration are my parents whose photo taken in the 1950's is below. My mum, who actually did become a ballet dancer, always told me that anything was possible, and my dad always supported me in everything and is now the voice in my head. I wish they could see me now!

Thank you for reading this far.  I truly believe it is so important to know the source of where our products come from, both from an ethical and an environmental perspective. It's also important that you know who you are shopping with too. Nothing better than a good back story! Daisy Tree is a proud advocate of "doing the right thing" I love what I do. It's an all consuming passion!

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